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EU Warning: Europe Will be Occupied by Immigrants

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European authorities from Brussels published Monday June 29, 2009 a report showing the flux of immigrants will reach alarming numbers in Europe in the next years. By the year 2060, Italy will gain 12 million more immigrants than present. In the entire EU zone immigrants will increase by 46,2 millions, informs the Italian newspapers Il Giornale. According to Brussels, Spain’s immigrants will... 

Are some youngsters simply born to be bad?

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Could they really just be this way naturally? Disruptive and aggressive children are often born that way, scientists claim. A study has found that behavioural problems are imprinted in a child’s DNA. The findings overturn conventional thinking on the nature versus nurture debate. In recent years, the prevailing view has been that the environment in which children are brought up dictates how they... 
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