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Norway’s oldest man, 107, shares his secrets for long life: Wine and Cigarettes

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While the hunt for the fountain of youth continues, Norway’s newly-crowned oldest man, George Melford Nygaard, has shared his thoughts on the secret to a long and fulfilling life without missing out on the finer things. Following the death of Torbjorn Ovrebo last week, Nygaard officially became Norway’s oldest man at the age of 107. He will celebrate his 108th birthday on January 12. In 2017,... 

Brits Told to Cut Down on Their Alcohol as Drinking Becomes A Huge Problem in the UK

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The British government has issued guidelines on how much alcohol adults should drink, for the first time in twenty years. The UK’s chief medical officer says women should drink no more than seven glasses of wine a week, whereas men should drink no more than the equivalent to six pints of beer. Alcohol is one of Britain’s biggest health problems, with binge drinking being a prime cause of anti-social... 

Study shows comet releases ‘500 bottles of wine every second’

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If life on comets was possible, Lovejoy would be a popular destination – scientists have found it releases alcohol and sugar in crazy amounts. But jokes aside, the finding is important as it backs the idea that comets could have seeded life on Earth. This is the first discovery that has witnessed a comet releasing ethyl alcohol in such amounts – 500 bottles of wine every second. “We found that... 
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