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Machete Attacks Happening Every 90 Minutes in Gun-Free Britain

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Recorded machete attacks in the UK have shot up by nearly five times in just three years, with the majority in the capital, London. The huge number of crimes committed with the deadly, sword-like weapons means there is an average of 15 a day in the UK, or one every 90 minutes. Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests by the Daily Mail show that police dealt with 928 crimes involving... 

UK: Muslims Express “Discomfort” at “British Values,” says report

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The British state’s failed “anti-extremism drive” directed at Muslims living in that country “risks stigmatising Muslim students” and most adherents of that faith express “discomfort” at “British values of tolerance and democracy,” a report from Coventry University has found. The report, based on in-depth interviews with about 70 education professionals across 14 schools in West... 

Angolan Rapist from UK tries to rape 89-years-old woman but she caught and trapped him

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Caged: Mauro Lopes has been jailed for nine years thanks to his victim's quick thinking A rapist who posed as a policeman to get into his 89-year-old victim’s home was snared because she copied a scene from CSI and scratched his face for DNA. Bouncer Mauro Lopes, 31, who weighs 20 stone, raped the frail seven-stone widow twice after tricking his way into her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In... 

Four Asians arrested after latest gang fight in Halifax street, UK

Four people have been arrested after a mob brawl in Halifax. The violence erupted between two large gangs on Parkinson Lane, at 4pm and left one man requiring treatment for head injuries. The two groups, who were both Asian, attacked each other with wooden sticks and baseball bats as shocked bystanders could only look on. The fight was believed to have originated from a family dispute. Mohammed Ilyas... 
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