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Swedes Revive Odin and Thor, the old Viking Heathenry religion

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Pre-Christian paganism is on the rise across Scandinavia, as more Swedes choose to rejoin the traditional faith of Thor and Odin, despite being habitually accused of nationalism and their symbols being “expropriated” by neo-Nazis. Ancient pagan beliefs appear to be making a comeback in Scandinavia. The Nordic Asa-Community alone has grown to over 800 members over just a few years, whereas... 

Sweden caught destroying ALL new found Viking archeological artifacts

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The struggle to erase Swedish history, break down Swedish culture and force the Swedes to assimilate into the multicultural globalist phenomenon is going according to plan. Following the revelations of one of its angry archaeologists, it emerges that the curators of Stockholms Länsmuseum have been ordering the systematic destruction of newly found artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period... 

Former Black Panther Radical: "BLM & Obama BS! Where are the Vikings and Romans?"

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It has come to a dire situation not just in America but everywhere in the world where even racist radical extremists such as Black Panthers, and NO, not white racists, but black racists are wondering what the hell is going on to the white people and why are they so cowardly these days. Clarence Mason Weaver was once so filled with hatred towards white people in America, that he broke up with a girlfriend... 

Vikings used mysterious sunstone 'sat nav' to sail to America

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Inventive: A new study claims to have revealed how the Vikings were able to navigate on cloudy days with a sunstone Ancient legends of Viking mariners using mysterious sunstones to reveal the position of the sun on a cloudy day may well be true, according to a new study. Before the invention of the compass, Norse adventurers travelled thousands of kilometres across the oceans toward Greenland and... 

Thor Movie Review

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Heimdall by way of Detroit is not the main problem with Thor. It’s one thing to turn a heathen war god into a comic book. It’s another to turn him into a social democrat. Kenneth Branagh’s Thor was obviously meant to be a desecration, and it’s already passé to point this out. The casting is so deliberately clumsy that it becomes ironically racist. Idris Elba as the “whitest of the gods,”... 

Iceland tops European birth rate chart

Experts credit Iceland’s recent jump in births largely to an improved parental leave policy, which allows both mothers and fathers to take time off. Reykjavik — Iceland last year saw its birth rate jump to 2.14 children per woman, making it Europe’s most prolific country, largely due to improved parental leave, the national statistics agency said Thursday. “The main reason is the paternity... 
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