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Is Your Sunscreen Killing You?

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Sunscreen is supposed to protect skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. It seems only natural to think that these products must be safe because they are supposed to be protecting the body. With over 2 million people receiving a skin cancer diagnosis each year it is really important to protect the skin (Axe, 2014). However, it also equally important to choose the right sunscreen; one that is... 

Teenager warns of dangers of tanning beds after her addiction led to skin cancer

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Her story: Allison Bailey, a former tanning bed addict was diagnosed with skin cancer at just 20 and was left on crutches for a month A woman whose tanning habit caused her to develop skin cancer at the age of just 20 has issued a warning to other young people against the use of sunbeds. Allison Bailey, from Boston, Massachusetts, began tanning as a teenager, in the hope that it would make her more... 
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