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Gold price could hit $10,000 if US Dollar falls

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A weak US dollar, a possible war between the US and North Korea or the impeachment of Donald Trump could result in one of the longest-ever rallies for gold, according to precious metals expert Jim Rickards. “This is gold’s breakout year. We are in the third bull market of my lifetime – and we have a very long way to run,” Rickards said in an interview to Kitco News. The reasons for... 

Bailout of General Motors cost taxpayers $10.5 billion

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The US government ended up losing $10.5 billion on the General Motors bailout. Taxpayers lost a whopping $10.5 billion on the federal government bailout of General Motors – but officials insisted another course of action would have been even worse. After selling its remaining shares of the Detroit-based automaker Monday, the US Department of the Treasury said it had recouped $39 billion of the... 

Asia, Europe markets fall over possible US shutdown

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Financial markets in Asia and Europe have been rocked over concerns that the United States’ government might be heading for a partial shutdown. Washington should agree to a new spending bill before the end of the financial year at midnight on Monday amid political divisions that have created a stalemate. If the American lawmakers fail to agree on the budget deal, essential federal services could... 
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