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El Salvadoran Stabs Man in the Neck for Asking Him Not to Pee in Public

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An illegal alien from El Salvador repeatedly stabbed a man with a box cutter for suggesting he stop urinating openly at a public bus stop and this is all amid Trump calling for a deportation of all El Salvadorans from America. What this El Salvadoran did was like cutting the branch beneath their own feet now ensuring for good they get deported. According to this, eyewitnesses told police that 46-year-old... 

Two Coptic kids face trial in Egypt over insulting Islam

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Two Coptic boys aged 9 and 10 are awaiting trial after an Islamic cleric accused them of tearing up and urinating on the Koran. The boys’ families say the boys are illiterate and found the Koran pages while playing with garbage. ­Sheik Gamal Shamardal, a Muslim cleric and the local leader of a hardline Islamist group, referred two local boys to police in the village of Ezbet Marco in the southern... 
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