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Mysterious enriched uranium particle detected in skies over Alaska

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Scientists have found a “highly unusual” particle enriched with uranium in the skies over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The source of the substance, which is typically used in nuclear fuel and bombs, is still unclear. The mysterious substance “containing a very small amount of enriched uranium” was found at an altitude of 7km (4.3 miles) above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, according to a... 

UK scientists invent battery that can last 5000 years, NASA expresses interest

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Scientists have discovered a way to convert nuclear waste into radioactive black diamond batteries which last more than 5,000 years. Researchers at the University of Bristol have found a means of creating a battery capable of generating clean electricity for five millennia, or as long as human civilization has existed. Scientists found that by heating graphite blocks – used to house uranium rods... 

Sen. D'Amato: Hillary Allowed Russia to Take Ownership of US Uranium to Sell to Iran

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Former Senator Al D’Amato (R-NY) dropped a bomb on Sunday Morning Futures this AM. D’Amato told Maria Bartiromo that Hillary allowed Russia to take ownership of US uranium so they could sell it to Iran. Hillary made it possible for the Russians to take control of one of our huge uranium producers and allow them to own the company, export the uranium and who do they sell the uranium to? Iran!... 

400kg abandoned uranium found in Croatia by charwoman

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A dangerous find has been discovered in the warehouse of radioactive substances at the Croatian Roger Boscovich Institute. These are 400 kilos of unregistered and unguarded uranium. The building is situated in the centre of the capital city Zagreb. The Croatian journalists claim, that private company staff responsible for the Institute buildings cleaning accidentally ran across the materials marked... 

White House releases pro-Iran nuclear deal funny cartoon for Netanyahu

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While debate over a nuclear deal with Iran continues, the White House used a cartoon bomb to demonstrate the benefits of the framework agreement struck with Tehran, a move that was surely meant to tweak Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been a fierce critic of the framework deal hammered out between Iran and leading world powers earlier this month, but on Wednesday the Obama... 

US suspects Israel stole nuke material

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An undated photo of a Numec office building that in Apollo, Pennsylvania. Declassified US documents from the 1970s suggest intelligence officials in the United States believe Israelis stole nuclear bomb-grade uranium from a nuclear facility in Pennsylvania. Some 200 pounds (almost 91 kilograms) of nuke-grade uranium disappeared from a now-dismantled facility in Apollo, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1960s.... 

Iran has uranium for 4 nukes, builds US-reach missiles - Israel

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An image grab taken from footage broadcast by Iran's state-run Arabic-language Al-Alam TV on August 20, 2010, shows an image from an undisclosed location of what Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said was the test firing of the Iranian surface-to-surface missile Qiam, entirely designed and built domestically and powered by liquid fuel, a day before Iran was due to launch its Russian-built first nuclear... 

China reacts to Australian move to sell uranium to India

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A day after Australia’s ruling Labor reversed its policy of not selling uranium to India, China on Monday gave a guarded response to the move, saying all countries are entitled to peaceful use of nuclear energy. “China always believes countries are entitled to peaceful use of nuclear energy and at the same time they should fulfill the international obligations of nuclear non-proliferation,”... 

IAEA inspectors found nothing serious at Iran Nuclear site: ElBaradei

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U.N. inspectors found “nothing to be worried about” in a first look at a previously secret uranium enrichment site in Iran last month, the International Atomic Energy chief said in remarks published Thursday. Mohamed ElBaradei also told the New York Times that he was examining possible compromises to unblock a draft nuclear cooperation deal between Iran and three major powers that has... 

Nuke breakthrough. Iran agrees to ship uranium to Russia

Iran has agreed to a draft deal on shipping out most of its enriched uranium to Russia where it will be enriched but not to weapons’ grade. It comes on the final day of talks between Iran, Russia, France and the United States on Tehran’s nuclear programme. The chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency says he hopes the deal will be finally approved on Friday.  Read More »
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