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British model stages kidnapping to launch career, then does topless photoshoot

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British model Chloe Ayling, 20 staged her own kidnapping with a Polish guy she knew in Italy, Milan then claimed she was about to be sold to Arabs in the Middle East as a sex slave. The guy was allegedly part of a so-called kidnapping group called “Black Death”. All of this is ALLEGED, even the police uses this term and refuses to acknowledge the authenticity of her story. Then out of... 

Sweden Legalizes Public Nudity for Humanitarian Reasons

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Sweden’s bungled “open doors” migration policy has left the country struggling with integration problems due to religious and cultural differences. The government’s controversial efforts to promote human rights at all cost may make things even worse, as women’s right to swim topless in public swimming pools is likely to stir further controversy and quite possibly rise... 

Sweden: Malmo win for topless Swedish bathers

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Women in Malmö have been given the right to bathe topless in the swimming pools of Sweden’s third largest city. The city’s sports and recreation committee voted on Wednesday against a motion entitled: “Women with two-piece swimsuits ought to wear a top piece”. The committee eventually settled on the wording that “everybody should wear bathing suits” at Malmö pools... 
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