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Palestinian baby dies GASSED by Israel, is the US going to Strike Israel Now?

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So a Palestinian baby has died from breathing in teargas as 57 others were shot dead in Gaza during protests on the day the US embassy opened in Jerusalem. Is America and other NATO states going to strike Israel now for gassing children like they did in Syria? Or are Syrian lives more valuable than Palestinian ones? The other 57 Palestinians were killed in gunfire by the Israeli army, the Gaza Health... 

Police use teargas and water cannon to disperse Istanbul protesters

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Police fired volleys of tear gas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of protesters who gathered in Istanbul’s landmark Taksim Square to enter Gezi Park which has been at the heart of protests since late May. The Taksim Solidarity Platform, which encompasses a vast collective of political groups, organized the march, calling for protesters to try and gain access, according to Reuters’... 

IDF teargas international journalists covering protests in West Bank

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Several international journalists, including an RT cameraman, have suffered from teargas as IDF have launched teargas bombs at the media crews outside Ofer Prison, West Bank. In recent weeks protests outside the facility have left scores of injured. The RT crew, together with other international teams were documenting nonviolent protests near Ofer prison, which has been the site of numerous clashes... 

Thousands across Greece protest austerity measures

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Youths have clashed with the Athens police force, pelting officers with stones and petrol bombs during an anti-austerity march. More than 40,000 have taken to the streets in Greece in a 24-hour strike against wage and pension cuts. Anti-austerity activists faced down police officers, throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks in the center of Athens. Police responded by firing teargas and stun grenades... 

Romania Police Fire Teargas at Rally

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Anti-government protesters shout slogans in the Romania capital Bucharest on January 19, 2012. Romanian police have fired teargas canisters at demonstrators protesting against the government’s austerity measures in the Romanian capital Bucharest. On Thursday, the police arrested about 50 people, who allegedly threw bricks and bottles and other materials at them. Earlier on the day, thousands... 
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