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Antibiotic Resistance Could Kill Modern Medicine, UK Health Chief Warns

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A leading world health expert has warned of an “antibiotic apocalypse” if the growing threat of drug-resistant superbugs is not tackled urgently. Professor Dame Sally Davies — who is England’s chief medical officer — fears also that if antibiotics lose their effectiveness, it could spell “the end of modern medicine.” Without the drugs used to fight infections, common... 

10 herbs and foods that kill superbugs

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Longtime readers of Natural News know that, because of massive over-prescribing by the modern healthcare industry, today’s crop of antibiotics are becoming less and less effective. Another culprit: The increased use of antibiotics in factory-farm animals. “It is not difficult to make microbes resistant to penicillin in the laboratory by exposing them to concentrations not sufficient to kill them,”... 

Researchers find superbugs in Delhi drinking water

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A gene that makes bugs highly resistant to almost all known antibiotics has been found in bacteria in water supplies in New Delhi used by local people for drinking, washing and cooking, scientists said on Thursday. The NDM 1 gene, which creates what some experts describe as “super superbugs”, has spread to germs that cause cholera and dysentery, and is circulating freely in other bacteria... 
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