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9 Million People Killed Worldwide by Pollution in 2015, 2.5mn in India and 1.8mn in China

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Deaths caused by pollution topped 9 million in 2015, or three times the figure from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined, and almost 15 times as many as war and other forms of violence, scientists say. The alarm was sounded in Thursday’s report by The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, an international group of over 40 authors writing on health and environment. One in six premature... 

366 Days of Beijing's Airpocalypse Caught on Camera

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Zou Yi, a 56-year-old businessmen from Beijing, lives in his 13th floor flat across from Beijing Television’s headquarters. Some days he can see every detail of the skyscraper; some days he can hardly see it at all because of heavy smog which he decided to document every morning by taking photos from his window. Every morning Zou Yi wakes up to make a shot of Beijing’s polluted skies from the... 

Beijing partially bans traffic on heavy pollution days

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Beijing has introduced new traffic rules to combat the massive smog that has cloaked the Chinese capital for years. When city authorities issue a ‘red alert’, a number of cars will be banned on the roads and heavy vehicles completely banished. Four types of pollution alerts, blue, yellow, orange and red, will be issued on ‘heavy pollution’ days, according to Beijing’s Environmental Protection... 

Beijing raises pollution alert to orange for first time as heavy smog blankets capital

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Beijing raised its four-tiered smog alert system to ‘orange’ for the first time on Friday as heavy smog was forecast to roll into the city for the next three days. Officials have urged people to stay indoors and use public transport. When Beijing’s Air Quality Index (AQI) readings went above 300 micrograms per cubic meter on Friday – more than ten times the level considered safe by... 

​China's dirty emissions creeping into the US

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Pollutants from China’s manufacturing industry are traveling across the Pacific Ocean, contributing to smog in the United States, according to a new study. Chinese power plants and factories produce enough dirty emissions that pollutants can make it across the Pacific in around six days, exacerbating smog levels on the US West Coast, according to a scientific study published Monday in the Proceedings... 
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