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Satanic Orb returns, Netanyahu and Macron do ritual with Glowing Globe

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The satanic orb thing appeared again this week in France, with Emmanuel Macron swearing allegiance to some satanic force within it next to the Israeli leader Netanyahu. Now if this orb is “not Satanic”, then explain to me wtf it is. No one explains it. It just shows up, and world leaders engage in a ritual with it. RT reports: Orb memes and supernatural conspiracies are back with a vengeance... 

Saudis Showed Obama Their "Deep Distrust"

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During Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia, it has become clear just how much the US government has upset their Saudi allies. Obama came to Riyadh hoping to discuss how the United States and Saudi Arabia could confront the issues of terrorism and regional instability in the Middle East. When Obama stepped off a plane in Riyadh’s airport, he had a chilly welcome. Saudi King Salman was not... 

IMF Warns Saudi Arabia May Go Bankrupt by 2020

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Saudi Arabia may go bankrupt within the next five years if the government maintains its current spending habits, the International Monetary Fund said in a report Wednesday. Saudi authorities are already planning spending cuts as the world’s biggest oil exporter seeks to cut its budget deficit created by the drop in crude prices. Saudi officials have repeatedly said that the kingdom’s economy... 

Saudi king says airstrikes on Yemen will last for at least 6 months

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Saudi King Salman attends the Arab League summit in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on March 28, 2015. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman says the ongoing military invasion of Yemen by his country will continue until its goals are achieved. He made the comments on Saturday at the opening session of an Arab summit held in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh. The Saudi king claimed... 
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