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US Choppers Caught Evacuating ISIS Terrorists according to Syrian news agency

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US Air Force aircraft have allegedly been spotted evacuating non-Syrian Daesh commanders with their family members from al-Hasakah province and transferring them to an unknown destination, according to the SANA news agency. The news emerged a day after US President Trump threatened Syria with a possible strike. US military helicopters reportedly evacuated several Daesh (ISIS/ISIL)* commanders from... 

6.3 magnitude quake strikes near Iran's Bushehr nuke facility, 37 deaths reported

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Thirty-seven people have been killed after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Bushehr in Iran. Around 850 people have been injured, according to Iranian media. The area is home to the Bushehr nuclear power plant. At least 37 people had died so far and 850 were injured, including 100 who were hospitalized, Bushehr provincial governor Fereidoun Hasanvand told state TV. “Based on the most recent... 

Obama backs Middle East protests, urges leaders to accept change

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An anti-government protester, center, shouts slogans Tuesday as Yemeni police block demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in San’a, Yemen. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he had told U.S. allies as well as foes in the Middle East that they must “get out ahead of” growing demands for reform or risk the fates of the deposed presidents of Egypt... 
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