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USA Becomes ISIS, Rogue State, Bombs Syria with No US Congress or UN Approval

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America is now officially a rogue terrorist state acting like ISIS, which needs to be held accountable at the UN. Just like how Americans love calling countries like Iran and North Korea rogue states, its now America’s turn to be a rogue state. America does NOT follow any rule, it does not seek the people’s approval, which they reject, it doesn’t care about US Congress approval and... 

US is biggest rogue state but accuses others of what it does 100 times over

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The US begrudges North Korea for having a few nuclear weapons while having more nuclear weapons than any country on Earth, Prof. Dan Kovalik, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, told RT, commenting on Donald Trump’s UN address. Other analysts joined the discussion. Donald Trump delivered his first address to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday. The US president lashed out at North... 
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