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Italy’s Populists On a Roll as Coalition Looks to Pass Confidence Votes

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No stumbling blocks expected for anti-establishment coalition. Italy’s new populist government, made up of a coalition of relative political newcomers, will face its first test Tuesday. The Italian Senate will debate and then hold a vote of confidence on the new cabinet and government program, before the Parliament’s other chamber holds a similar vote. The two anti-establishment parties, Lega... 

Bilderberg Globalists Concerned About Populist Uprising in Europe

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Bilderberg globalists are concerned about the populist uprising sweeping Europe. The annual elitist confab is set to meet this week in Turin, an appropriate venue given that Italy has just elected an anti-mass migration, eurosceptic coalition government. According to the group’s official website, the number one topic of conversation at this year’s secretive meeting will be “populism in Europe”. Having... 
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