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70mn yo dinosaur eggs with embryos inside unearthed in Argentina

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Archaeologists in Argentina have announced the discovery of several dinosaur eggs – believed to be nearly 70 million years old and with the remainders of its embryos. The eggs were found several years ago at a site called Auca Mahuevo in the southern region of Patagonia by a shepherd, but the find was only made public this week by local Cultural Heritage Director, Claudia Della Negra, Argentina’s... 

Discovered fossils in Argentina yield giant dinosaur

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A new species of titanosaur unearthed in Argentina. The new fossil remains excavated in southern Argentina have represented the most complete giant sauropod dinosaur ever discovered. The skeletal analysis of the found bones demonstrated size of the beast measured 26m from head to tail and weighed in at almost 60 tones, as heavy as 14 African elephants. The palaeontologists also unravel that the skeleton... 

Largest ever dinosaur found in Argentina

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Scientists in Argentina say they have found the remains of what could be the largest dinosaur ever to have walked the planet. By analyzing the fossils, they say it could have been 40 meters in length and weighed 77 tons – as much as 14 elephants. The discovery was made by a local farm worker in Patagonia. The fossils were then excavated by a team of paleontologists from the Museum of Paleontology... 
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