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Canada introduces Gender-X Neutral passports

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Canada will begin offering a third gender option on the country’s passports and immigration documents at the end of this month. Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister, announced that the new gender designation ‘X’ would come into effect from August 31. “By introducing an ‘X’ gender designation in our government-issued documents, we are taking an important step towards advancing... 

US bans American travel to N. Korea after Sep 1, passport holders ordered out

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The US State Department has ordered a travel ban to North Korea for US passport holders. The restriction will be enforced beginning September 1, by which time all passport holders have been ordered to leave the country. “The Department of State has determined that the serious risk to United States nationals of arrest and long-term detention represents imminent danger to the physical safety of... 

Millions Try to Flee socialist Venezuela but are unable, No Materials to Print Passports

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While shortages of basic foods, medicines, and toilet paper may be a major societal problem, the people of Venezuela face an even more existential problem: the nation now lacks the materials to meet the soaring demand for new passports – making it almost impossible to leave the socialist utopia. “People used to move to Venezuela from all over the Americas, Europe and Asia and now they are all... 

ISIS Posts Photo Of Bomb That Brought Down Russian Airliner

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Moments ago, ISIS released the 12th issue of its magazine profiled here previously, which had a cover page with a clear enough title: “Just Terror“ But while it has the usual content full of pro-Jihad propaganda, some 66 pages of it, as well as numerous images to commemorate the martyrs for the ISIS cause, what was most stunning about this edition was ISIS admission of how it brought down the... 

Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai assassination

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Australia’s government said on Monday it had ordered the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat over the use of fake passports in the assassination of a top Hamas militant in Dubai in January. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said a police investigation had left no doubt Israeli intelligence services had been behind the forgery of four Australian passports used by suspects in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh... 
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