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Nostradamus Top 10 Terrible Prophecies that will happen in 2018

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Nostradamus, the great astrologist of French origin, predicted many things that happened in real life, in different ways. A list with his visions for 2018 has been published soon and it contains a few prophecies that are truly frightening. Here are the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2018: 1 – The leader of the Catholic Church will be killed. By leader, did he mean Pope Francis?? 2 – Terrorism... 

Top Obama Aide Warns Russia “End Of World” Near

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A new report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service circulating in the Kremlin today says that the United States top National Security Advisor to President Obama, Thomas Donilon, was granted a “rushed meeting” with President Putin this past Friday wherein he warned the Russian leader that the world as we know it may be about to end. According to this report, the Obama regime became alarmed... 

Nostradamus Predicted World War III for 2010

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World War 3? We hope not! According to astrologists and prophets, the next year of the Yellow Metal Tiger will not be easy. Researchers of Nostradamus’s predictions talk about some mysterious Virgin whose death is wanted and about the appearance of some “heartless, blood-thirsty” leader who will rule with “sword and fire.” Pavel Globa, a famous Russian astrologist, thinks that the year will... 
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