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Megyn Kelly is finally leaving FOX, moving to liberal NBC, Good Riddance!

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We always knew Megyn Kelly wasn’t a conservative or even the slightest 1% right wing or even leaning. Nope, she was always your average feminist social justice warrior! Megyn was like a foreign entity, a virus on FOX News. According to the “Failing-New York Times” (how Trump nicknamed them) Megyn Kelly is now finally going home, though she would probably fit MSNBC or CNN even better.... 

Clinton Staffer Caught Feeding Questions to Reporters During Post-Debate Conference

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Video of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s post-debate press conference appears to show her campaign’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill feeding questions to reporters. Clinton spoke to reporters aboard her campaign plane, dubbed Hill Force One, following the third and final debate with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held in Las Vegas Wednesday night. Standing... 

Trump has big 15 point lead in Indiana according to new Poll

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Donald Trump has a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana just days before the state’s primary, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll. Trump leads Cruz by 15 percentage points in Indiana, 49 percent to 34 percent. John Kasich is last at 13 percent. Cruz is hoping for a win in the Hoosier State in order to continue preventing Trump from securing the GOP nomination before... 

Clinton, Trump Take 50-50 Percent National Lead in Latest Poll

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Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic party favorite Hillary Clinton have taken an over 50 percent national lead, according to the latest poll released on Monday ahead of three primaries. According to an NBC News/SurveyMonkey weekly poll, 50 percent of Republican and Republican leaning voters say they support the New York real estate tycoon for the GOP nomination, while 52 percent of... 
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