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China voices support for Russia on Syria, holds naval drills against USA

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Following a massive missile attack launched by the US and its allies against Syria, it appears that Beijing is moving to make its opinion on the matter known via a show of strength in the Pacific. One of the key goals of the upcoming Chinese naval drills scheduled to be held in the Taiwan Strait is a show of support for Russia over the latter’s standoff against the United States in Syria, the South... 

China holds 'unprecedented' naval drills in Yellow Sea

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A Chinese flotilla with a naval vessel firing an anti-submarine missile during a drill at Peter the Great Bay in Russia. China’s army has kicked off “unprecedented” air and sea drills in the Yellow Sea, between the Korean Peninsula and China, a report says. According to a late Friday report by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Daily, the exercises began earlier in the day. The report,... 

Iran bombs 'mock' US Aircraft Carrier in naval drills

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Iranian navy blowing up a ‘mock’ US aircraft carrier. Iran has staged naval war games in an important sea channel, including an attack on a mock US warship. Missiles were also fired from the coast around the Strait of Hormuz, which sees a quarter of all sea-transported oil pass through it. The drills were conducted by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which were named Prophet 9. The exercises... 

China to hold its 'biggest-ever' foreign navy drills with Russia

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A Chinese fleet of seven vessels is on its way to Vladivostok to participate in its biggest-ever foreign joint exercise with Russia. The drill, the Naval Interaction-2013, will be held from July 5 to 12 in the Sea of Japan. The Chinese Navy has sent four guided missile destroyers, two guided missile frigates, a supply ship, three ship-borne helicopters and a special operation detachment from the port... 

Russia launches largest naval drills in post-Soviet history

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The largest in post-Soviet history exercises of the Russian Navy started in the Black and Mediterranean seas. They involve warships of the Black Sea, the Baltic and Northern Fleets as well as other types of armed forces – the Army and the Air Force, including long-range aviation. The highest status of the exercises is confirmed by the fact that, for the first time, the overall management responsibility... 

Japan-US military drills begin amid Asian island row

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Japan has launched naval drills with the US in spite of heightened tensions with China over a territorial dispute. The exercise was initially planned to simulate an island re-occupation, but was scrapped for naval operations to avoid agitating China. The 11-day drills are aimed at boosting the defense of Japan’s southwestern island territories and will involve more than 37,000 Japanese personnel... 
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