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We Should Not Fear Muslim Extremists Just Because They Kill Us - George Soros

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Far left billionaire George Soros was an early supporter of failed President Barack Obama. Soros was behind the Occupy Wall Street. Soros was behind Black Lives Matter. Soros was behind the IRS targeting scandal. Soros funds far left media operations including NPR and Media Matters. Now this… George Soros contributed an opinion piece to the far left Guardian newspaper. Soros argues the West... 

Something Awful Just Happened to Christians In Bethlehem

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By now we’re used to hearing from Democrats and Liberals that the Christian religion is one built on intolerance and bigotry. That’s the argument they use every time Christians oppose a law or policy that goes against God’s laws. The truth is Christians might be strong in their opposition against things “Un-Christian,” but they’re not violent or criminal in their actions. There is however... 

7,000 jihadists in Germany by Xmas

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German authorities fear there could be as many as 7,000 Muslim extremists in the country by the end of the year. Disenfranchised youths are particularly vulnerable to being recruited, while there are around 450 German extremists in Syria and Iraq. The extremists all follow the strict interpretation of Islam known as Salafism and believe that jihad is a legitimate tool in their fight against the West,... 

Belgian MPs pledge to 'impeach' Muslim extremists

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In Belgium, a proposal to limit the influence of political Muslim extremists has been submitted to Parliament, amid fears that Muslim politicians are isolating themselves from the political mainstream, by, among other things, their refusal to shake hands with women. A proposal was submitted by Deputy Mayor of Koekelberg Philippe Pivin, and Alain Destexhe, a liberal member of the Wallonia-Brussels... 
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