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Aryan migration theory finally proven by genetics

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The study says some sort of migration did indeed take place into India and that the Indus Valley civilisation is key to all South Asian populations. A new paper authored by 92 scientists from around the globe that was posted online this weekend could settle some major questions about the subcontinent’s history and what that means for various theories of Indian civilisation. The paper, titled “The... 

EU Citizens' Farewell to Britain in Net Migration Plunge

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Latest international migration data confirms previous suggestion of a ‘Brexodus’ by EU citizens from Britain, a year since the nation’s decision to leave the European bloc. Figures from the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) released November 30 revealed that 230,000 more people came to live in Britain than left, the lowest figure in three years which observers... 

EU conference on Migration and Integration kicks off in Berlin

How well is Europe coping with the integration of its foreign residents? A two-day EU conference in Berlin will discuss methods to monitor migratory trends within Europe. For decades the nations of the expanded European Union, now comprising 27 countries, have wrangled over the integration of the EU’s 30 million foreign residents. The question: how to deal with those who try to enter what human rights... 

Iranian Jews refuse cash 'bribe' to move to Israel

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In Iran today, the country’s Jewish minority unanimously rejected cash offers from supporters of the state of Israel to leave Iran and move to Israel. The Israeli government promised to provide a package of housing and jobs for the twenty-five-thousand Iranian Jews. A special fund created by Israel supporters promised a ten-thousand-dollar cash award for any Iranian Jew who moved to Israel. The... 
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