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Gary Johnson Goes Zombie, Tries to Bite Reporters

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Everybody always knew Gary Johnson is kind of crazy but what he just did to a Guardian reporter who interviewed him a few days ago, may cause you to pee yourself laughing! Well he didn’t really try to bite the reporter, the title its more of a joke to amplify what you are about to see next but be warned, first empty your bladder! If everyone voting for Gary Johnson saw this video, I promise... 

Russian cannibal eats 11 people to impress his girlfriend

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The police of the Volga region are about to complete the investigation of the criminal case, the materials of which can shock even those with nerves of steel. Twenty-three-year-old cannibal Alexander Bychkov is accused of killing at least nine people. The perpetrator was gutting corpses and eating the insides to impress his girlfriend. The cannibal was killing homeless people. According to investigation,... 
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