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Leftists now ruin God of War game with "Toxic Masculinity" nonsense

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One of the original buzzwords used by the left, Toxic Masculinity, has shown its face again. This time accompanies the latest installment of PlayStation’s God of War franchise. Polygon’s Chris Plante spoke with game director Cory Barlog about how the game teaches about toxic masculinity both intentionally and inadvertently through the storyline. But before Plante even gets to ask any questions... 

University of Texas to treat masculinity as a 'mental health issue'

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A new program at the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center will promote “healthy masculinity” through “public events, educational workshops, and other forms of student involvement.” The goal is “to impact campus culture to increase acceptance of gender diversity, promote healthy relationships with an emphasis on consent, and prevent interpersonal violence.” PJ... 

Europe’s tragedy: Too much Angela Merkel, too little masculinity

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After the incidents of sexual assault in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve committed by Muslim refugees against German women, feminist apologetics have acquired renewed vigor in the European debate. Pundits and politicians assure the public that refugee males now storming the gates of Europe from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia will be required to learn that Western women are... 

What's wrong with white men? In search of an explanation

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In my previous column, I attempted to analyze two important sex differences in political behavior: Women’s tendency to be attracted to wealthy, powerful men, and women’s relatively greater attraction to close relationships, empathy, and nurturance. These differences make women less likely to be attracted to white racialist movements given the current political context. But these differences are... 
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