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Machete Attacks Happening Every 90 Minutes in Gun-Free Britain

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Recorded machete attacks in the UK have shot up by nearly five times in just three years, with the majority in the capital, London. The huge number of crimes committed with the deadly, sword-like weapons means there is an average of 15 a day in the UK, or one every 90 minutes. Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests by the Daily Mail show that police dealt with 928 crimes involving... 

Machete (2010) movie review

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One could figure that the current drug-war in Mexico, nearly 30,000 people murdered in just three years, would generate a cultural reaction. And one could further figure, of course, that the tens of millions of people who have crossed the U.S.-Mexican border in recent decades would have an enormous cultural impact, including on the movies. But who knew that Hollywood would blame everything that’s... 
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