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African Gangs Rampage Melbourne, say Police

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Australian police have formally admitted that African immigrant gangs are rampaging through the city of Melbourne, causing destruction and chaos in a crime wave which is the direct result of the policy of promoting mass Third World immigration. According to a report in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), police have finally admitted that “Melbourne has a problem with African street gangs,... 

700 koalas put to death in Australia due to overpopulation

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Authorities in southern Australia have killed about 700 koalas in a move aimed at controlling their population and its starvation problem. On Wednesday, Victorian Environment Minister Lisa Neville said a total of 686 koalas were euthanized in the state of Victoria’s Cape Otway area by wildlife experts during 2013 and 2014. “It is clear it’s an overpopulation issue and it is clear that we have... 
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