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The Pope Kissed The Feet Of Asylum Seekers

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The Pope’s ritual where he washes and kisses the feet of twelve men, took place at a center for asylum seekers just outside Rome, confirms the Vatican. There, he washed and kissed the feet of twelve young Muslim asylum seekers to show the international community the importance of providing refugees shelter, said an official in the Vatican. – It was simple, but expressive, says Archbishop Rino... 

French President Visits White House, Obama Talks About Kissing Michelle, His Gray Hair

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During a press conference from the White House which was supposed to be about the French President’s visit following the horrific Paris attacks by ISIS, Obama chose to talk about himself, his wife, and then followed it up with several clangers and further mind boggling statements. Instead of concentrating on the 129+ victims of the attacks, or the French people, or French President Francois Hollande,... 
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