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Antibiotic Resistance Could Kill Modern Medicine, UK Health Chief Warns

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A leading world health expert has warned of an “antibiotic apocalypse” if the growing threat of drug-resistant superbugs is not tackled urgently. Professor Dame Sally Davies — who is England’s chief medical officer — fears also that if antibiotics lose their effectiveness, it could spell “the end of modern medicine.” Without the drugs used to fight infections, common... 

Antibiotics losing effectiveness when used too often - WHO

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According to a new WHO report, in some countries the antibiotic treatment has proven useless on more than half of the patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that antibiotics are losing their power to fight infections, which may lead to extensive drug resistance in the near future. “The problem is so serious that it threatens the achievements of modern medicine,” the WHO said in... 

Cancer cases to reach 24 mn yearly by 2035: WHO

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that the number of different cases of cancer across the globe would soar to 24 million a year by 2035. The urgent priority is to identify and tackle the causes of cancer, which are mainly linked to people’s lifestyle, WHO emphasized. While fourteen million people a year are currently diagnosed with cancer, it is estimated the number will increase... 

Coronavirus: What happened to the new killer?

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Novel Coronavirus made its appearance in 2012, a new strain of the Coronavirus which causes a number of infections to humans and animals, the most common of which is the common cold but also more pathogenic diseases such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). After a period of alarm, the chatter has gone quiet… before the storm? WHO Report: Background and summary of Novel Coronavirus infection... 
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