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Amateur Surgeon 4, the game that costs $1500

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4 years ago we reviewed Amateur Surgeon 3 a game which was previously an iPhone exclusive which decided to finally move on Android. It was such a great game… Amateur Surgeon 3 also had that disgusting IAP system but back then IAP scams weren’t as prevalent as they are today. Now look and prepare to be shocked. You need to pay a minimum of $1500 Dollars if you want to buy Amateur Surgeon... 

Hungry Shark Evolution the Android Game of the Year 2013

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Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the best Android games on Play Store, which recently just won the TIGA Awards Game of the Year 2013 status. Future Games of London, a Ubisoft Studio subsidiary made Hungry Shark Evolution so good that even Google Play Store gave this game the “Editors’ Choice” award. Hungry Shark Evolution stats with a small Level 1 Reef Shark which can earn XP by... 
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