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DNA tests can now predict IQ of your toddlers

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As we previously reported as far back as 2009, way before any genetic research into IQ, not everyone can become a genius like Einstein or Tesla by reading stupid freaking books! How did this stupid political correct BS idea even became mainstream in the first place? That everyone is the same, its just a skin color difference and you can become smart if you have good nutrition and education. Of course... 

DNA discoverer James Watson forced to sell Nobel Prize medal

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The iconic image of Watson and Crick giving a presentation on DNA in 1953 at Cambridge University. The geneticist James Watson, who has been ostracized since public comments about black African IQ in 2007, is to auction off his 1962 prize for discovering the structure of DNA. It is expected to fetch in excess of $3 million. “Because I was an ‘unperson’ I was fired from the boards of companies,... 

Human intelligence is declining according to Stanford geneticist

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Ever can’t help but think you’re surrounded by idiots? A leading scientist at Stanford University thinks he has the answer, and the bad news is things aren’t likely to get any better. Dr. Gerald Crabtree, a geneticist at Stanford, has published a study that he conducted to try and identify the progression of modern man’s intelligence. As it turns out, however, Dr. Crabtree’s research led... 
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