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France ruling party suffers losses in elections

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Volunteers empty a ballot box at a polling station in Belfort, eastern France at the closing of vote in the second round of the French municipal elections on March 30, 2014. France’s governing Socialist Party has suffered heavy losses in municipal elections, early results indicate. President Francois Hollande’s party and its allies garnered 42 percent of the votes, while the opposition conservatives... 

French mayor Jean-Francois Cope condemns 'anti-white racism'

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“Anti-white racism is growing in our cities.” It’s a statement that the French have heard several times over the past few years, during TV and radio interviews; debates; perhaps from their neighbor. But never before has it been heard publicly by a politician who isn’t affiliated with the far-right National Front (FN) party. So when Jean-François Copé, secretary general of France’s center-right... 

Two Million French People Back France’s National Front

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Le Pen France’s Front National (FN) has increased its share of the vote in yesterday’s second round of regional elections to just over 17 percent, or just fewer than two million votes. The controlled media has once again engaged in some devious fact-twisting, widely reporting that the FN polled 8.9 percent. The FN only stood in 12 of the 22 mainland regions of France. The media-quoted figure is... 

Berets and Baguettes? France Rethinks Its Identity

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For decades, the French considered it taboo to question whether immigration and foreign influences were diluting France’s social and cultural character. Indeed, the topic was considered so toxic that no one in France besides extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen would even take it up in public. But times have changed. Twenty years after Le Pen’s National Front Party (FN) became a political... 
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