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Gary Johnson Goes Zombie, Tries to Bite Reporters

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Everybody always knew Gary Johnson is kind of crazy but what he just did to a Guardian reporter who interviewed him a few days ago, may cause you to pee yourself laughing! Well he didn’t really try to bite the reporter, the title its more of a joke to amplify what you are about to see next but be warned, first empty your bladder! If everyone voting for Gary Johnson saw this video, I promise... 

Hillary Clinton staffer: "Millennials Are F-king Dumb"

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A new email released by Wikileaks as part of the Podesta dump features Hillary ally Wendy Bronfein advising Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on how to reach “f**king dumb” young people. Marketing executive Bronfein tells Podesta in Wikileaks ID 34866 that Clinton “may not be the best face” to attract younger voters and that she needs to utilize “trending figures” as par of an “infusion... 

Fat, drunk, and stupid: 35% aged 17 to 24 are unqualified for US Armed service

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More than a third of American youth of military age are unfit for service, mainly because they are too fat or sickly, the Army Times reports, quoting the latest Pentagon figures. Most of the rest are too dumb or have used too many drugs to qualify, the study shows. The report says 35% of the 31 million Americans aged 17 to 24 are unqualified because of physical and medical issues. “The major... 
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