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Saudi King issues decree allowing women to drive

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King Salman of Saudi Arabia has issued a decree ordering that women be allowed to drive, Saudi state media has reported. Under the conservative kingdom’s previous laws, women were banned from driving. The decree orders the Saudi interior minister to draft and adopt necessary amendments to the traffic regulations and to form a special commission consisting of the ministers of interior, finance, labor... 

Orthodox Jewish sect bans women from driving

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UK leaders of an orthodox Jewish sect have banned women in their community from driving, saying the presence of female drivers contradicted the “traditional rules of modesty.” Belz rabbis, of the Chasidic Jewish tradition that maintains a conservative lifestyle, sent a letter last week to Jewish families in London stating that children would be banned from schools and other educational institutions... 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants Human Drivers Banned

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Whether taking a car for a spin on a Sunday or focusing on getting from A to B after a stressful day, driving can be fun and therapeutic. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes humans could be banned from driving in years to come and all cars will, instead, be controlled by robots. The entrepreneur claims that computers will one day do a much better job of driving and that humans are simply ‘too dangerous’... 

Russia bans transsexuals, gamblers, thieves and other "mental disorders" from driving cars

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Russia has banned transsexual and transgender people from driving as they are deemed to have mental disorders which make them more likely to crash. Also on the list of those prohibited from obtaining licences are exhibitionists, fetishists and voyeurs, with the government claiming it is tightening up controls to cut the number of accidents on the roads. The shocking announcement follows international... 

Saudi activists set to defy no-women driving law

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Activists in Saudi Arabia are set to defy a no-women driving law by getting behind the wheel amid warnings of punishment by officials. Saudi activists are encouraging women to drive themselves in public on Sunday on the anniversary of an October 26 campaign last year by female drivers in defiance of a driving ban in the kingdom. In recent weeks, campaigners have been pushing on social media for women... 
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