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Trump Jr. Slams Zuckerberg Over Instagram Bias

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Donald Trump Jr. is furious with Instagram because he says the social media platform issued a warning to users searching his name. After noticing a massive loss of followers in the past few weeks, President Trump’s oldest son claimed to have discovered a warning message issued to Instagram users and expressed his outrage in a post to the platform Friday night. “REALLY?!?! Are you fricken kidding... 

Vanessa Trump files for divorce, Dems already hope she will expose Trumps as Russian agents

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Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. and the psycho Democrats are already calling on Vanessa to expose his soon to become former family as Russian agents. Donald Trump Jr acknowledged his split from wife Vanessa for the first time on Thursday evening in an Instagram post. ‘No matter what is going on bedtime cuddling with the smurf puts a Yuge smile on my face. #bedtime#daddysgirl... 
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