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Globalist David Rockefeller Dead at 101

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David Rockefeller, a globalist central banker who advocated a “New World Order” and mass population control while wielding vast influence over world leaders, died Monday at the age of 101. A family spokesman, Fraser P. Seitel, confirmed his passing. Rockefeller was well-known for openly bragging about the transnational elite’s plans to centralize control over the world’s populations, wealth... 

Obama legalizes all illegal immigrant kids

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Ever wonder why our borders are left wide open and why the immigration laws are not enforced? Or why Obama has just allowed thousands of illegal immigrant children to come into our country “legally” if the parents drop them off on the other side of the border? If you haven’t now is the time to ask these questions with the possible arrival of over 150,000 Mexican immigrants pouring into our... 

Bilderberg Group Exposed Worldwide on their 58th Anniversary

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Obama’s Chief Economist Austan Goolsbee, Attends Bilderberg Meeting Times have never been more exciting as the Bilderberg Group has now been exposed worldwide on the 58th anniversary of their ultra secret meetings. The alternative media, along with the help of some very brave mainline press agencies such as the Drudge Report, the London Guardian, German sources, and others — the cat is now... 

Swedish politician Ove Svidén: Jews behind 9/11 and Holocaust

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Ove Svidén The Centre Party has promised to take action following revelations that one of its candidates for a parliamentary seat believes Jews lay behind the 9/11 terror attacks and the Holocaust. Theories surrounding an array of global events have flourished for years on the website of Ove Svidén, 73, according to a report on public broadcaster SVT’s news show Rapport. “Who won the Second World... 
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