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Gary Johnson Goes Zombie, Tries to Bite Reporters

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Everybody always knew Gary Johnson is kind of crazy but what he just did to a Guardian reporter who interviewed him a few days ago, may cause you to pee yourself laughing! Well he didn’t really try to bite the reporter, the title its more of a joke to amplify what you are about to see next but be warned, first empty your bladder! If everyone voting for Gary Johnson saw this video, I promise... 

Hillary Clinton Suffers from Epileptic Seizures, Caught on Camera Twice

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Did you catch this? Wow! She must really like balloons! Hillary Clinton looked like she suffered another seizure last night after her DNC Convention speech. This woman isn’t right. Something is off. Other people on social media who truly suffer from epileptic seizures say that this is not how epilepsy is manifesting, by having crazy head movements. They are claiming that she might be possessed... 

Trump: Crooked Hillary Losing To Crazy Bernie, But Race Rigged By Democrats

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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump labeled Hillary Clinton “crooked” and Bernie Sanders “crazy” in an interview Wednesday when asked about his Democratic presidential rivals. “I call him crazy Bernie because he’s not very good,” Trump said, adding “Who’s going to run against a socialist and lose?” referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton is likely to take the nomination. Trump... 

Woman charged with grabbing stranger's infant from stroller, slamming him, attempting to eat his arm

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Police released this mugshot of Natasha Hubbard, accused of attacking a stranger’s infant baby in downtown Los Angeles last week. A crazed woman randomly snatched an infant from a stroller, slammed the baby into a pole and later said she was trying to break the baby’s arm off “so she could eat it,” Los Angeles cops said Wednesday. Prosecutors have charged Natasha Hubbard, 36,... 

Crazy French Cannibal eats cell mate and gets only 30 years jail

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Nicolas Cocaign A French convict who killed his cellmate and ate his lung was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday. Nicolas Cocaign and Thierry Baudry had a fight when Cocaign asked Baudry to wash his hands after he had used the toilet during the night of January 2, 2007. Cocaign strangled Baudry and cut open his chest with a razor blade. Thinking it was the heart, Cocaign then ripped out a... 

Manitoba: Embrace Diversity Or We Will Take Your Kids

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The Canadian Press Legal experts across the country are closely watching a custody case involving two children seized by Manitoba social services over allegations their parents taught them to hate minorities. Family and constitutional law professors say racist parents can’t lose custody of their children simply due to their beliefs. But if those beliefs are so extreme they promote violence and... 
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