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China condemns US-led airstrikes in Syria, calls for restraint and dialogue

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China opposes military action in Syria and instead urges diplomacy to solve the political crisis, according to a foreign ministry response in the wake of US-led airstrikes. US, UK and French jets launched airstrikes on Syria early Saturday after accusations that forces commanded by President Bashar Assad carried out a chemical attack in Douma last week. The Syrian government has denied using such... 

China supports Russian proposal about Syria chemical weapons

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China has supported the Russian proposal to Syria to put its chemical weapons stockpile under the control of the United Nations. “We welcome and support the Russian side’s suggestion,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Tuesday in his regular briefing. “As long as the suggestion is conducive to easing the current tension in Syria, solving the Syria issue politically... 

China urges Syrian govt., opposition to honor commitments

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China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei China has called on the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition to honor their commitments to the UN-Arab League peace proposal. “We hope the Syrian government and relevant parties in Syria will honor their commitments,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday. His comment came one day after Damascus... 

China: Iran sanctions aggravate matters

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China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin China has expressed opposition to the new unilateral sanctions imposed against Iran by some Western states, warning that they would “exacerbate” the situation. “We believe pressuring and sanctions cannot fundamentally solve the Iranian nuclear issue. On the contrary, they will complicate and exacerbate the issue and intensify confrontation,”... 
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