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Europe: Conservative Idiocy of Burqa Bans, Crucifixes, Ignores Real Issue of Racial Replacement

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The race-denying idiocy of “conservatives” in Europe has reached a new low with the spread of the “burqa ban” to Denmark, and the order to put up crucifixes in public buildings in Bavaria—measures which only gloss over the real cause of cultural shift, namely mass Third World immigration. Denmark has now become the fourth European state to “ban the burqa,” media have reported. Anyone... 

French Anti-Christian Group Pleads For Islamic Mosque

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In a bizarre turn of events, the group of “free thinkers” that fought to have a cross removed from public property in northwest France is now fighting to save a mosque. For years, the National Federation of Free Thought (FNLP) has been leading the legal battle for the removal of a monument to Pope John Paul II situated on public land in the Breton town of Ploërmel. The group proclaimed victory... 

Australian senator shocks Parliament by wearing a Burqa into the Senate

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The Queensland Senator donned the Islamic garb when she appeared at Parliamentary Question Time on Thursday afternoon. One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson has shocked the Senate by walking into the chamber wearing a burqa. The Queensland Senator, who has been outspoken about her opposition to the burqa, was pictured in the Islamic garb when she appeared at Parliamentary Question Time on Thursday... 

Burqa ban unites a politically divided Belgium

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Although present, the burqa remains very rare in Belgium. A new law banning the burqa comes into force in Belgium on Saturday. The law has been approved with overwhelming support by both houses of parliament, a rare display of unity in this otherwise divided nation. Belgium is now the second country in the European Union after France to implement a burqa ban. The law has found unanimous support among... 

After France, Belgium approves ban on burqa

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Belgium will soon become the second country in Europe to ban the burqa in public places, after the parliament approved legislation forbidding full veils, the bill’s author said today. The legislation quietly cleared the Senate last week after it was overwhelmingly approved by the lower chamber of deputies last month, when only one Green lawmaker voted against it and two abstained. The new law... 
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