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UK watchdog bans government ‘Go home’ ads targeting immigrants

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A UK advertising watchdog has banned a controversial Home Office advert suggesting that illegal immigrants in the UK to ‘Go home or face arrest,’ saying that it was misleading. However, the ad was not ruled to be ‘offensive’ or ‘distressing.’ The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) absolved the government campaign of either attribute, despite the widespread belief that it was offensive... 

UK watchdog to investigate ‘go home’ anti-illegal immigration campaign

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The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority confirmed on Thursday that it would investigate the Home Office’s ‘Go Home’ van campaign targeted at illegal immigrants amid repeated complaints to the multicultural watchdog that it echoed “racist slogans”. The regulator stated that some 60 complaints had been made about the “Go Home or Face Arrest” billboard campaign by illegals who... 

UK braces for immigration boom if euro collapses

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Britain’s Home Office is drawing up contingency plans to restrict the number of economic migrants from Greece and other European Union nations in case the euro collapses. ­EU rules allow citizens to work anywhere in any country in the single market, including the UK, with the exception of new members Romania and Bulgaria. People looking for work abroad may see Britain as an attractive option as... 
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