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Boy Scouts to Remove Word ‘Boy’ from Name

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The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday its plan to remove the word “Boy” from its iconic program. According Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh, a new campaign entitled “Scout Me In” aims to push for more inclusiveness in the organization’s ranks. “As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible,”... 

7th Graders Suspended For 9 Months For Playing With Toy Gun at Home

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Last week, in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting in Washington DC, we predicted that we’d see another wave of knee jerk overreactions to anyone doing anything with any object that even remotely looks like a gun – sadly we were right. The latest incident occurred in Virginia, where a seventh grader and his friend have been suspended from school for playing with a toy gun, in the boy’s own front... 

Swedish preschool bans gender

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A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop referring to children as “him” or “her” in an effort to obtain equality between the sexes from childhood. The Egalia preschool, in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm made the decision as a part of the national curriculum for Swedish preschools to stop children falling into gender stereotypes. Staff at the school has tried to shed... 
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