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British model stages kidnapping to launch career, then does topless photoshoot

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British model Chloe Ayling, 20 staged her own kidnapping with a Polish guy she knew in Italy, Milan then claimed she was about to be sold to Arabs in the Middle East as a sex slave. The guy was allegedly part of a so-called kidnapping group called “Black Death”. All of this is ALLEGED, even the police uses this term and refuses to acknowledge the authenticity of her story. Then out of... 

Scientists warn of new bubonic plague

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The cemetery in Bavaria, Germany (A). The skeleton of a victim of the Plague of Justinian (C). Objects (E) from the grave (B) that helped scientists to estimate the plague victim’s death as occurring between 525 AD and 550 AD. A tooth from which the genome of the plague was extracted (D). Scientists have reconstructed the genome of the first recorded bubonic plague and compared it to two later pandemics.... 

Bubonic plague outbreak kills 21 in Madagascar

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Bubonic plague is mostly transmitted to humans by rats and fleas. At least 21 people have died this week in northern Madagascar after contracting pneumonic plague, the Health Ministry says. A village near the northwestern town of Mandritsara on the island of Madagascar is where at least 21 people perished following a deadly outbreak of the plague, the ministry said on Wednesday. Medical experts from... 
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