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Bilderberg Group: Elite Club or Secretive World Government?

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The Bilderberg Group is holding another of its secrecy-laden meetings. Some see the gathering as a chance for the global elite to hobnob and work out a common policy. Others claim it’s a shadow world government. Daniele Scalea, an analyst from the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, says the truth is somewhere in between. Sputnik: Mr. Scalea, what is the Bilderberg Group?... 

Bilderberg Globalists Meet Minutes From No-Go Migrant Village

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Globalists and open borders technocrats congregated for the 2018 Bilderberg meeting in the Lingotto district of Turin, Italy, which is also home to a housing complex occupied by over 1,000 migrants. Just a stone’s throw across the railroad tracks from the NH Lingotto Hotel, where Bildbergers secured themselves behind massive physical walls and security patrols, sits the former Olympic athletes’... 

No MSM Coverage at Bilderberg Despite Packed Roster of Media Figures

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Nearly one-tenth of the official Bilderberg 2018 participants roster is comprised of media figures, yet mainstream press is nowhere to be found outside the event. At least a dozen out of 131 attendees directly represent newspapers, monthly publications and television networks, but there is no discernible media presence outside the confines of the heavily-guarded NH Lingotto hotel in Turin, Italy. While... 

Pope Francis Sends Secret Message To Bilderberg Conference Attendees

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The Vatican has sent a top cardinal to the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Turin to deliver a message to the global elite from the Pope. The Bilderberg group is an annual meeting of over 100 of the most powerful people on the planet, including presidents, prime ministers and heads of banking, the corporate world, media and academia. Its clandestine 2018 confab is set to begin today. This year’s... 

Bilderberg Globalists Concerned About Populist Uprising in Europe

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Bilderberg globalists are concerned about the populist uprising sweeping Europe. The annual elitist confab is set to meet this week in Turin, an appropriate venue given that Italy has just elected an anti-mass migration, eurosceptic coalition government. According to the group’s official website, the number one topic of conversation at this year’s secretive meeting will be “populism in Europe”. Having... 
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