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Leaders Of Anonymous Anti-Trump Activist Group Reagan Battalion Exposed

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The Reagan Battalion – an anonymous group that pretends to be operating with the conservative interest in mind – has had a busy year. You may remember that back in February they launched a vicious smear campaign against Pro-Trump activist, Milo Yiannopoulos. Their campaign against him involved an edited video that managed to lose him his book deal, speaking engagement at CPAC, and ultimately caused... 

Jewish Cemetery Attacks are False Flag Hoaxes: Trump

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75-100 of tombstones were found toppled over at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia the same week multiple cars were defaced by swastikas; in multiple cities across the United States, bomb threats were called in at a number of Jewish Community Centers and schools. This comes on the heels of President Trump’s historic meeting with Isreali PM, Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the Failing NY Times: Trump... 

The Truth About Violent, Intolerant ‘Liberals’

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Transgender reporter Zoey Tur threatened to hospitalize conservative pundit Ben Shapiro during a Dr Drew debate in which Shapiro dared to utter the hate crime of arguing that wearing a dress didn’t make Tur a biological female. Tur grabbed Shapiro around the neck before telling him, “If you don’t cut that out, you’ll be going home in an ambulance.” After the taping, Tur continued the threatening... 
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