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Why do people lie? And why do other people believe them?

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The purpose of fear is to suppress awareness of the truth. People always lie for the same reason: fear. But the precise fear that makes a person lie in one circumstance might be different from the fear that makes them lie in another. When a child is young, it will naturally tell the truth. Most usually, it starts to learn to lie (consciously or unconsciously) when it discovers that it is not believed... 

Cat parasite can cause schizophrenia in humans

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Jaroslav Flegr beleives that he has been infected by a parasite that is manipulating his behaviour Parasites passed from cats could be causing schizophrenia in their owners, a scientist has claimed. Studies have also shown behavioral changes in humans, including lower reaction times and a sixfold increased risk of traffic accidents among infected, RhD-negative males, as well as links to schizophrenia... 

Dementia cases to Triple by 2050

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Dementia is a brain illness that affects memory, behaviour and the ability to perform even common tasks Cases of dementia – and the heavy social and financial burdens associated with them – will soar in the coming decades as life expectancy and medical care improve in poorer countries, the World Health Organisation says. Some 35.6 million people were living with dementia in 2010, but that... 

Are some youngsters simply born to be bad?

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Could they really just be this way naturally? Disruptive and aggressive children are often born that way, scientists claim. A study has found that behavioural problems are imprinted in a child’s DNA. The findings overturn conventional thinking on the nature versus nurture debate. In recent years, the prevailing view has been that the environment in which children are brought up dictates how they... 
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