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Youths hold nation-wide Massive Protests in Belgium Against White Genocide in South Africa

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Hundreds of activists from Ghent, Antwerp and other Belgian cities have taken part in a silent march against “the genocide of white farmers” in South Africa after a string of murders apparently targeting Boer and Afrikaner minorities. The participants say that the Belgian government should address the problem during talks with S African officials. The silent crowd slowly marched through the streets... 

Supporters of Sharia must leave Belgium - Vlaams Belang

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Filip Dewinter, the leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, acknowledges that Belgium and the EU created the problem of jihad terror in Europe by inviting in millions of immigrants from Muslim countries. He proposes a program of incentives to induce sharia-loving Muslims to return to their ancestral homes. Belgium’s far-right Vlaams Belang party launched a new campaign on Thursday.... 

Belgian troops deployed to thwart terror plots

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Belgian soldiers patrol in Antwerp on January 17, 2015 after security forces smashed a suspected terrorist cell planning to kill police officers. Scores of soldiers are being deployed across Belgium to patrol the streets in a bid to thwart possible terror attacks after security forces began crackdown on a suspected Muslim terrorist cell in the country. Around 150 troops were sent to the northern town... 

French police break up anti-Muslim film demonstration, briefly detaining over 100

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Paris police detained 150 protesters when crowds rallied outside the US embassy against a controversial film that denigrated Islam’s prophet. Arrests were also made in neighboring Belgium, with police pepper spraying Muslim protesters. Muslim protesters, including women and children, answered social media calls to gather at the world-famous Champs-Elysées and pray on the wide, tree-lined sidewalks. Only... 

Imam calls for "major action" in Belgium for Banning of headscarves

The ban on headscarves at the Koninklijk [Royal] Atheneum in Antwerp and the Athenaeum in Antwerp-Hoboken led to massive protests by the Muslim community beginning during the summer holidays. These were the last two secondary schools in Antwerp that permitted the wearing of headscarves. In the new school year, which begins September 1, there will be none. Three hundred pupils threatened to leave the... 
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