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US, UK & France bombs Syria after alleged chemical attack: 71 Out of 103 Missiles Repelled

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Perhaps the most surprising news surrounding the US, British and French strike on Syria Saturday morning was the report that the country’s Air Defense Force managed to shoot down just shy of 70% of the Western cruise missiles launched. Sputnik looks at how the Syrians managed to do it. The Western attack, executed this morning at 4:00 am Syrian time on April 14, saw US Navy warships in the Red... 

Russia boosts air defense to counter any US threat

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V-600 missiles on the S-125 quadruple launcher. Russia is taking measures to boost its air and missile defense capabilities to foil any potential threat by the US Prompt Global Strike (PGS), top Russian military officials say. Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces’ deputy chief, Major General Kirill Makarov, described the potential threat of the PGS against the Russian Federation as one of the top... 

Unique 'direct kill' air defense complex unveiled in Russia

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Tests of a new missile for the advanced version of the Russian air defense system Tor-M2 proved it is capable of shooting down challenging targets with amazing precision, hitting moving missiles head-on, Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey revealed. In an attempt to push the limits of modern missile defense systems, Russian military design bureaus Almaz-Antey and Vympel NPO (now part of Tactical... 

Russia to deliver air defense systems to Syria

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A Russian Buk-M2 air defense system Russia says it has no plans to impose an arms embargo on Syria and intends to fulfill a contract for delivering air defense systems to the country. A senior Russian arms export official said on Wednesday that since the contract to deliver Syria the air defense systems were signed before the outbreak of unrest in the country, Moscow is obliged to fulfill its commitments. ”Russia... 

Iran Claims S-300 Air Defense Acquired From Belarus

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Officials quoted in Iran’s Fars News Agency say that the Iranian government has obtained four batteries of S-300 air defense missiles, the backbone of Russia’s air defense, despite Russia’s refusal to deliver them. Russia had signed a promise to sell the missiles to Iran in 2007, but delayed the delivery for years before declaring in June that the S-300 sale was banned under the most recent... 
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