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Norway’s oldest man, 107, shares his secrets for long life: Wine and Cigarettes

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While the hunt for the fountain of youth continues, Norway’s newly-crowned oldest man, George Melford Nygaard, has shared his thoughts on the secret to a long and fulfilling life without missing out on the finer things. Following the death of Torbjorn Ovrebo last week, Nygaard officially became Norway’s oldest man at the age of 107. He will celebrate his 108th birthday on January 12. In 2017,... 

Elderly men who exercise for 30 minutes a day can extend their lifespan by 5 years

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In the UK, people are advised to do 150 minutes of moderate activity such as gardening, dancing, cycling or brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise including playing sport, running or aerobics every week. Elderly men who exercise for just half an hour on most days of the week can extend their lifespan by around five years, a new study has found. The research suggests that older men who boost... 

In Korea, all children are older than their European peers

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We are used to counting our age from the day of birth. It turns out that not all peoples count age this way. Korea has long been using a different method of calculation. This is not the only difference, and the traditional relationship between parents and children in this country can serve as an excellent example to the rest of the world. The countdown of children’s age in Korea does not begin... 

Brain scans can reveal exact age of people

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Study says an MRI scan can exactly reveal how old we are. US Researchers say there is a ‘developmental clock’ inside the brain that can reveal exact age and help understand the mechanisms underlying disorders such as ADHD and autism. “We have uncovered a ‘developmental clock’ of sorts within the brain-a biological signature of maturation that captures age differences quite... 
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