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African Gangs Rampage Melbourne, say Police

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Australian police have formally admitted that African immigrant gangs are rampaging through the city of Melbourne, causing destruction and chaos in a crime wave which is the direct result of the policy of promoting mass Third World immigration. According to a report in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), police have finally admitted that “Melbourne has a problem with African street gangs,... 

Riots break out in Tel Aviv between Israelis and Sudanese

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In the last few days violent racial riots broke out in Tel Aviv, something that has not been mentioned by the Western media. African migrants, mostly Sudanese, marched in the capital of Israel protesting against the government of Netanyahu. The reason for the protest was the demand for refugees to be given asylum in Israel and for the Israelis to stop treating them as second-class human beings. Israeli... 

Hundreds of immigrants rescued by Italy Navy

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The Italian Navy has rescued nearly 440 illegal immigrants, over the past two days in the south of Sicily. On January 12, a boat carrying about 200 men, women, and children was identified and rescued, while a boat carrying another 236 passengers was rescued the day before. A statement by the Navy said the passengers of both boats, mostly from Africa, were taken to a port near Syracuse in Sicily. This... 

Israel to deport all African immigrants from Holy Land

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Many Israelis say the volume of African migration has become socially overwhelming, even though most live in areas also populated by other migrants, including Filipinos, Chinese and Nepalese workers. Israel has initiated the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” aimed at interning and deporting an estimated 60,000 African immigrants. Officials believe the presence of the Africans poses... 

Asylum Seekers Riot in Bari Italy

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African immigrants have gone on the rampage in Bari, Italy, blocking roads and a railway line, setting things on fire and attacking police and passers-by with iron bars. The Africans were being housed at an immigration center in the town, which has now been set on fire. They are demanding that they be recognized as refugees and given legal status. Although some of the rioters waved the Tunisian flag,... 

Malta guards Europe's gates against African immigrants

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As an EU member it’s obligated to take in asylum-seekers. But as the flow of desperate Somalis and others hoping to reach Italy and farther has increased, it is making it harder than ever, drawing criticism from rights groups. Reporting from Valletta, Malta — When the 24-year-old Somali chemistry teacher saw the airplane overhead, he prayed that his nightmare journey was finally over.?? Already,... 
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