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Australian Nurses Must Announce Their ‘White Privilege’ Before Treating Indigenous Patients

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Australian nurses and midwives are being forced to announce their ‘white privilege’ before treating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander patients – a move which has been slammed as ‘racist to its core.’ The term ‘white privilege’ defines the unearned social and cultural advantages awarded to people with white skin which are not enjoyed by people of colour or non-white backgrounds. The... 

Australian aborigines App banned by Google, Apple

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A mobile game which allows players to bludgeon Australian aborigines to death has been banned by Google Play and iTunes app stores after a public outcry. “Survival Island 3 – Australia Story 3” tasks its players with trying to survive in the Australian outback. They are told to “beware of aborigines,” while they can also gain points for killing Indigenous Australians. “Your goal is to... 

Australian Prime Minister vows to hold vote on recognition of aborigines

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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says if the Labor Party is reelected, he will hold a referendum on the recognition of the country’s Aborigines in the constitution. On Wednesday, during the 50th anniversary of the indigenous land rights movement, Rudd said the recognition of the Aboriginal people as Australia’s first inhabitants was a key priority. “I therefore, as prime minister, want... 

Australian school curriculum to force acceptance of multiculturalism

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United Nations human rights watchdog has accused Australia of racism over its treatment of boat people and Aborigines. School students are being targeted in a major new push to force acceptance of multiculturalism by “embedding” it in the national curriculum. Young Australians will be trained in “cultural competency” during classes as part of the Gillard Government’s plan... 

Australia restores race laws after Aboriginal crackdown

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There are now just 470,000 Aborigines out of a population of 22 million. Australia reinstated race laws in the remote Northern Territory region Tuesday after suspending them for three years to pursue a controversial crime crackdown in poor Aboriginal townships. Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin called the suspension, enacted under conservative former prime minister John Howard but amended in... 

Australia's economic future in the hands of Aboriginals!

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Controversial: Sir Bob Geldof made the comments during a speech at a breakfast in Brisbane held to encourage businesses to pledge to provide 50,000 jobs to Aborigines Sir Bob Geldof has angered thousands of Australians by giving an impassioned ‘speech of shame’ outlining the country’s treatment of its indigenous people. Anti-poverty campaigner Geldof called Australia ‘economically... 
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